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Oscars Producers Misinformed About Social Media

The Oscars producers tried to use social media to appear more “youthful”.  

They failed because they confused the medium with the message.

Social media by itself does not make anything youthful. It is just a medium of communication.

It’s how you use the medium and the content you pump into it that matters. You can use Social Media for all kinds of demographics. 53% of Twitter users and 37% of Facebook users are 35 and over.

There was nothing social about how the Oscar producers used social media. During the red carpet telecast, they accepted questions over Facebook and Twitter. They could have just as easily accepted the questions over email. Using Twitter and Facebook like email does not make you social. Neither does using Facebook and Twitter as a big digital billboard.

Also, their content was either targetted to older demographics, or  came off as an old person trying to appeal to “the youth”. No medium could have changed that.

Examples —  

  • Older people and references — Kirk Douglas, Billy Crystal, Gone with the Wind, Moms who seem like normal moms
  • Nominated movies that generally skewed towards older audience. 
  • Auto-tune jokes? That was funny like a year ago…

RT @omarg: “The kids love auto-tune jokes on award shows. You guys should do something like that.” James Franco’s mom, 2 weeks ago. #oscars 

  • Red carpet interviewer — “uhhh…we are trying to be more interactive so here is a question from Facebook…”…If you have to say it, you are not doing it.

The Golden Globes appealed to “the youth” with Ricky Gervais. He was clever, funny, and completely rebellious. Social media amplified that.

Regardless, the social media juggernaut went on with the demographic that cared.