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Highlights of my recent interview --

"The past year, especially, has been a defining time for B2B’s adoption of programmatic ad buying; nearly two-thirds of B2B marketers are using programmatic. Following B2C’s lead, B2B companies have become more knowledgeable about data-driven targeting, and programmatic has moved further into the marketing mainstream with tools capable of delivering the kinds of lead-generation and content-focused campaigns that are essential to B2B success."


"There’s been a large move among B2B marketers to more of an account-based marketing model, which is very different from the traditional model of broad-based lead gen where you cast a wide net.

B2B companies, especially those that focus on mid- to large-size customers and do large deals, are shifting to targeted account-based marketing, which requires leveraging data and analytics based on a clean and complete view of their customers across the enterprise.

They’re leveraging analytics to do two things. One is to prioritize the opportunities that they, as marketers and the sales team, should be going after and then creating experiences against the highest value opportunities. And that’s where programmatic buying really comes in, and why I believe it’s really on the uptick. "


"[Anticipatory Analytics] is really the next-generation version of predictive analytics. As companies and B2B marketers, in general, we’ve typically built our customer models on historical data. We said, “Hey, we ran a campaign against this historical data set. Here’s the response that we got. Let’s apply that same model to this next set of potential opportunities that we have and predict how they’ll respond, and then target our marketing program that way.”

That’s changing quite a bit because of the speeds at which we can process data and because of just the sheer availability of data. What you’re able to do now is get much more predictive on opportunities. Today you can see all the data in real time and build indicators of where your target is going, and you can use changes in those indicators in almost real time to target your marketing programs.

That’s what we use to determine what accounts provide the biggest opportunities. It’s not always based on the history; it’s based on where we believe they’re going, based on what’s happening to them in real time. "


Rishi Dave

Rishi Dave

Chief Marketing Officer at Dun & Bradstreet
I am the Chief Marketing Officer of Dun & Bradstreet.  In this role, I run all marketing globally including brand, demand generation, digital, communications, PR, AR, operations, channel, events, sales enablement, corporate social responsibility, and product marketing.
Rishi Dave


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