My Appearance on Fast Forward with Dan Costa

"On this episode of Fast Forward, Dun & Bradstreet CMO Rishi Dave talks digital marketing, the future of media, big data and business transformation."

Transcript of discussion can be found here.

"...we actually shifted our investments and we also shifted our technology to create more tools and imbed more data to the sales people so that they can close more effectively.

A great example is we built predictive models based on the data so that when our sales people looked at their CRM, looked at their Customer Relationship Management system like, they could see where the big opportunities were for them, for what product and whom they should target. That caused the close rates to increase tremendously. Also, what that taught me in that learning was that as a marketer it's not just about the funnel type stuff, which is always considered a marketing function, it's about working hand in hand with sales to close deals and close sales. Pipeline doesn't pay our bills."


Rishi Dave

Rishi Dave

Chief Marketing Officer at Dun & Bradstreet
I am the Chief Marketing Officer of Dun & Bradstreet.  In this role, I run all marketing globally including brand, demand generation, digital, communications, PR, AR, operations, channel, events, sales enablement, corporate social responsibility, and product marketing.
Rishi Dave


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