My Interview with Scott Brinker of

I enjoyed speaking with Scott, who runs a great blog that I love reading. I discuss how we are digitally transforming Dun & Bradstreet, a 173-year-old public company.

My Interview with The Adaptive Marketer Blog

Check out my interview with Gerardo Dada of The Adaptive Marketer. In it, I discuss my personal views on marketing today and what I read and follow to keep up.

My talk at Dreamforce

Customer Intelligence in an Inbound Marketing World

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My Forbes CMO interview on Dun & Bradstreet’s Marketing & Brand Transformation

I recently interviewed with Forbes as part of its CMO series. I discussed Dun & Bradstreet’s marketing and brand transformation.


How Data+Content=Massive Returns

In my previous LinkedIn post, I proposed a four step process for companies to manage all their data to drive massive returns.

  1.  Collect, integrate, clean, and supplement all customer’s activity data with other 1st, 2nd, and 3rd party data across all touch points.
  2. Build models to respond in as automated a fashion as possible. When automation is not possible, then equip human responders with the right data exactly when they need it to inspire the right response.
  3. Have the right content to respond with at the right time for the right people on the right platform.
  4. Measure and optimize

In this follow up post on LinkedIn, I deep dive into the steps.

How do we handle all this data to drive massive returns?

Check out my latest post on LinkedIn.



Now Hiring!

I am now hiring two executive roles reporting directly to me.

Contact me if interested!

When did we lose our emotions in B2B marketing?


I love the new Evian commercial. It blatantly plays on our emotions.

Here is what I love about it –

  • I LOVE that song. It totally reminds me of my college days. However, it is a remix making it fresh again.
  • I LOVE the dancers. They look organic and creative and are not at all synchronized. It’s new.
  • Of course, babies taking on human traits is just plain cute and tried and true. Who would not have an emotional response?
  • And, of course, the ending is completely hilarious….

We need to do more of this type of emotional work in B2B. We are selling to the same people and we have an added advantage. We can work in much more longer form content and physical events. In some ways, we have a broader canvas in which to work. Let’s stop only talking about what we sell in a “conversational” and “authentic” way and get emotional.

(By the way, check out the behind the scenes “making of” video)

Is Social Media Becoming an Automated Function?

Jay Baer is on a tear calling out marketers for their incessant whining about Facebook’s decline in organic reach, otherwise known as “Reachpocolypse”.

Of course, we know that all social media platforms are moving this way, as they seek to make money for their public investors. Pretty soon, you’ll have to pay for any reach in social media, unless you are really putting out killer content all the time. Because of this, social media is fast losing its cred as the cool, innovative way to do marketing that involves “creating a conversation” and “building relationships”. It has now become just another media platform that you look at in your media spend mix similar to traditional media or a digital content site.

This suits the social media platforms just fine. They want your media spend where your big budgets are and not your little “social media” budget. They don’t want you to think of them as anything “special”. As soon as you do, they no longer get your media budget. They want to show you how they are a more optimal way to spend media than anything else. Marketer mentality is changing in that direction with the advent of programmatic buying based on cold, hard data against which social media is increasingly delivering. As marketers become increasingly sophisticated with predictive analytics, customer journey modeling, and automatic trigger based marketing, social media will become increasingly automatic for marketers.